Describe Saul's battle with the Philistines on mount Gilboa and give reasons why the outcome of this battle could be blamed on Saul

  • The Philistines engaged
    the people of Israel in battle. 
  • Saul’s few surviving troops fled in panic
    after suffering a crushing defeat. 
  • The Phillistines overtook Saul and
    killed his three sons (including Jonathan). 
  • Saul, badly wounded, ordered
    his amour-bearer to kill him to prevent being killed by uncircumcised
  • However, his amour-bearer would not do this. 
  • Saul fell
    upon his sword and died. 
  • His armour-bearer also killed himself. 
  • People
    of Israel living beyond the Jordan who saw what had happened forsook their
    cities and fled. 
  • Next day, the Philistine troops came to strip off the slain
    enemies and discovered Saul andtiis children among them. 
  • They cut
    off Saul’s head/stripped off his armour and spread the news. 
  • They
    fastened Saul’s armour in one of their temples and his body on the city wall. 
  • The men of Jabesh – Gilead heard of the shameful treatment meted out to
    Saul and their valiant men. 
  • They went, by night, to recover Saul’s
    body and those of his children. 
  • heir bodies were cremated at
    Jabesh-Gilead and they mourned/fasted for seven days,  

Why Saul is to be

  1.  Saul’s tragic failure on Mount Gilboa was a delayed consequence
    of his disobedience (War against the Amalekites). 
  2. Saul had
    desecrated the land of Israel by bringing in booty destined for
    destruction/placed under taboe. 
  3. Israel had to suffer for Saul’s
  4. David, a source of inspiration to Saul, had been driven away, 
  5. The spirit of God was no longer with Saul, 
  6. Saul forsook God and
    consulted a Medium at Endor. 
  7. Saul wasted his time pursuing David
    instead of concentration on the administration of his kingdom.

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