Describe Solomon's dream at Gibeon

Solomon loved the Lord and walked according to his father,
David’s statutes, laws and ways. When he began to reign, he went to sacrifice
to the Lord in Gibeon. The Lord appeared to him in dream by night and said to
him, ‘ask what I shall give you’.

Solomon began by commending God for his great love for his father,
David and for giving him a son to reign in his stead because he had walked
before him in faithfulness and he remained faithful to God. He said, though,
he, Solomon, was but a little child, he was in the midst of God’s chosen
people, a great people that cannot be numbered. He, therefore asked for an
understanding mind and wisdom, to govern the people and discern between good
and evil in governance. God was pleased with his request and he told him that
since he had not asked for long life, riches, or the life of his enemies, he
would grant him his request (such that none before or after him could be like
Furthermore, he would give him what he had not asked for – riches
and honour. God concluded that should he remain in faith and obey all God’s
commandments like his father, David, He would lengthen his days. Solomon woke
up and realised that it was a dream. He returned to Jerusalem, stood before the
Ark (of the covenant) and offered burnt offerings to the Lord and feasted his
The reasons for God’s approval of Solomon’s request are

  • Solomon’s request of wisdom from God was very apt, for with it, no difficulty
    in his government of Israel would be insurmountable, 
  • Solomon knew that he
    was not David’s eldest son. Therefore, with wisdom, he would be able to handle
    any succession squabble that might arise. 
  • As a child (he was then only 1 2
    or1 4), his inexperience needed God’s sustaining gift of wisdom.
  • The
    king’s most important function in his day was administration of justice since,
    as absolute kings, they reigned and ruled (they were not constitutional
    monarchs); therefore he required wisdom.

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