Discuss Paul's teaching on civic responsibility and how we can apply them in our daily living

In his writings to the Romans, Paul deals with how Christians should perform their civic responsibility. He taught that Christians should not fail to render useful services to their community despite different views on religious ideologies.
He (Paul) writes that everybody should be obedient to the laws of the state. To do this perfectly, Christians should discharge their civic responsibilities like paying their taxes, rates and other levy charged for the progress and development of the community. Christians, as children OC God, should obey and respect constituted authorities, as this amounts to obeying God Himself. Christians should not engage in open confrontation with the government. An example of this, which Paul gave was the revolt of the Jews against Roman government which led yo the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
Paul’s teachings on civic responsibility can be applied in our daily life as follows:
1. We should be self disciplined, obedient to leaders and reliable in our daily dealings with others.
2. The youth must be actively mobilized through youth organisations in order to be taught Christian ethics and morals.
3. We should live a productive life. We should not rely on others for our daily needs. Children of God must do away with things that are anti-social  like  drugs and must not be lazy.

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