Explain the concept 'New life in Christ' as taught by Paul

Paul regards Christians as those who have been buried with
Christ through baptism and risen with him through the resurrection. Such people
are dead to sin; sin no longer reigns in their bodies. They must therefore live
a new life, apply their minds to heavenly things and do away with their former
life. Christians must do away with immorality such as impurity, passion, evil
desires, greed, anger, bad temper, malice, slander and shameful language.
Christians must not lie to one another because they have put on a new life. In
the new life, there are no differences; Christ is ail and in all. As God’s
chosen people, enjoying His love, Christians must show tenderness of heart,
kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, endurance and bear one another’s

They should forgive one another as God has forgiven them and crown
all their virtues with love which is the perfect bond of union. They should let
the peace of Christ reign in their lives and be thankful. The enriching message
of Christ should influence whatever they do. They should instruct and admonish
one another in all wisdom with Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing in
thankful spirit. Anything they do should be done in the name of Jesus. 
Steps to be taken before initiation into New Life in my Church are
  • The
    word of God should first be preached and heard, 
  • Confession of sin by word
    of mouth then follows after conviction and belief in the word heard, 
  • The
    third step is baptism, 
  • Determination to lead a Christ-like life as a full
    member of the church 
  • Confirmation by the Bishop of the Church, after which
    he is entitled to partake in the body and blood of Jesus during Holy communion.

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