Explain how Herod opposed the early church and give the consequences of this opposition

How Herod opposed the early church: 

  •  Herod’s first assault on the church was to slay James (John’s brother), 
  • Since his action pleased the Jews, he seized Peter and detained him. 
  • Peter was in prison, under strong guards, intended to be executed after the
    Passover (which had already begun), 
  • The church prayed earnestly for
  • That night, as Peter slept in chains betwen two soldiers, 
  • An
    angel of the Lord woke him up and ordered him to follow him. 
  • Peter
    dressed up and followed, his chains having fallen off. 
  • They
    passed freely through many guards until they came to the main street, 
  • There
    the angel left him and he then realized that the whole thing was real and not a
  • He left immediately for the house of Mary/mother of John, 
  • When
    he knocked at the door, a house girl, Rhoda, recognised Peter’s voice but did
    not open the door, 
  • She ran back and announced to the apostles who
    were praying, 
  • In unison they said that it was Peter’s angel she
    had seen and that she was mad. 
  • As Peter knocked, they opened the
    door; Peter entered and motioned for silence, 
  • He described what had
    happened and how he was rescued from prison, 
  • He asked them to
    relate the news to James and
    the brethren and went to an unknown place,
  • On the next day, a big stir
    ensued following Peter’s escape. Herod examined the guards and executed them
    for negligence.

Consequences of this opposition: 
  1. Herod died suddenly, and
    was eaten up by worms, 
  2. As a result of his death, the church grew or the
    gospel spread. 
  3. The fear that gripped the church was removed, 
  4. There
    was relative peace.

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