Explain how Jesus healed the Demoniac

When Jesus and his
disciples arrived at the land of the Gerasenes which is opposite Galilee, there
was a man who had demons, Before now, the man had lived naked in a cemetery.
When he met Jesus, he fell down before Jesus and cried with a loud voice, and
begged him not to torment him, for the demon that torment him was violent so
much that it drives him into the desert.

As the Demoniac broke the fetters of iron; Jesus asked to know his
name, when he answered Legion, for many demons had entered him. The demons in
him implore Jesus not to send them into the abyss, but demanded that they be
sent to the hill side, where a large herd of swine were feeding. As Jesus
obliged, the demons immediately left the man and entered the swine, the swine
rushed into the lake and got drowned. The shepherd were worried and fled to
report what they saw. The demoniac was later seen beside Jesus, well dressed
and full of confidence. Most people that saw what happened were terrified,
while eye witnesses narrated their story to others. On seeing Jesus miracle,
the inhabitants of Gerasenes sought to expel Jesus from their land because they
were afraid. Jesus left the neighbourhood by a boat. When the demoniac insisted
on going with Jesus he refused and entreated him to go declare the good news of
what God has done.
God had to send the demons
into the swine because they were evil that must be destroyed. The Jews also
regarded the swine as unclean animals that were not tolerated. Therefore, Jesus
merely used an evil to destroy another one. Jesus would not allow the demoniac
to go with him since he wanted his fame to spread abroad.

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