Explain Isaiah's prophecy to the rulers and people of Israel on the worthlessness of empty rituals

Prophet Isaiah addressed rulers and the people of Israel and
called upon them to listen to the teaching and the commandments of God and his
divine will.
The man of God was equally worried about the genuineness of their
rituals, their sacrifices and their burnt offerings. The prophet of God stated
that God was tired of their wrong doings, He was not interested in their
sacrifices of blood of animals. He advised that they should worship God in the
temple and approach God with cleanliness and holiness of heart, not with
incense or offerings. God equally stated that their new moon, Sabbath, and
other festive occasions were no longer pleasing to the Lord. The prophet put it
to them that when they spread their hands in prayer, what God saw were their
blood-stained hands. According to the prophet, God will no longer have respect
for their prayers.
However, the prophet of God put it that to avert God’s anger they
were required to make themselves spiritually clean and remove all evil from
their lives, in addition to that, they must pursue righteousness and justice,
and stop all oppression of the poor. They were also advised to defend the
fatherless, and plead the cause of widows The prophet sounded a note of hope
that God was still interested in their plight if they are ready to change. The
man of God added that should they come to repentance, God will forgive their
sins no matter the nature of the sins. The prophet assured them that if they
were willing and obedient to do the divine will of God, God will restore them
to enjoy the fruits of their land and its full benefits. The prophet warned
them on the dangers of sin and how they would be devoured by the sword.

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