explain James advice to be doers of word and not hearers only, and show how he elaborated it

James advised
Christians to live according to the word of Jesus which they have received as
it would be useless to hear the word and fail to put it into use to give
support to their faith.

He continued to say that if any one is a hearer of the word and
not a doer, such a person can be likened to somebody who sees himself in a
mirror and turns away immediately without further examination of himself.
Any person that accepts the word as taught by Jesus Christ and
takes it with all seriousness will never forget the teaching of the law. Such
person’s relationship with people in the society will ever be guided by the
law. If he acts according to the dictates of the law, he is joyful and happy.
A person that involves himself in slanderous remarks, lying,
perjury and speaking indecent and abusive language is conducting himself
irreligiously. What makes our religion spotless is our works of charity and

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