Explain Peter's advice to the elders and members of the church in their interpersonal relationships and state the duties of a good church leader

Peter advised elders to
look after God’s flock with tender care. They should work not as being under
any external constraint, but willingly; not with the desire to make material
gains, but with the eagerness that comes from the heart; not with a
presumptuous and domineering spirit but as examples to be copied by the flock,
so that at the appropriate time, they might attain the crown of glory, 
Peter advised the young ones to be in humble subjection to the leaders, for God
humiliates the proud and exalts the humble. However, for both young and old,
Peter recommends the humble approach. They should leave all cases of anxiety in
the able hands of God. They should, in all soberness, be vigilant against the
temptation of the devil who is always around to lead the spiritually weak ones
to destruction in hell. Armed with patient faith, they should remember that
suffering is part of their Christian calling, knowing that suffering will lead
to glory in Christ who has eternal dominion. 

The duties of a good church leader

  • His first concern should be the spiritual and physical well being of
    the flock, 
  • He must adjust his life as to practically show that he lives
  • He should be a shining example to the congregation, 
  • He
    should encourage evangelism, 
  • He should pray for the congregation and
    intercede on their behalf, 
  • He should give them spiritual counsel and moral

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