Explain why Paul advocated submission to the people in authority

Paul admonishes everybody to subject themselves to the
governing authorities, for God Himself permits all authorities. He asserts that
those that exist are either authorised or permitted by God to operate.
Therefore, anybody who resists the authorities is resisting God and will incure
this judgement, for leaders are not appointed to be a terror to good conduct
but to bad conduct, if any one is to avoid being afraid of authorities, he must
do what is good and right, then he will receive approval from the authority for
he is God’s servant for His goal. However, if one does wrong, then one will be
afraid, for the authority does not wield the sword in vain. He is the servant
of God to execute God’s wrath on the wrong doer. Therefore, every one must be
subject to civil authority to avoid God’s wrath. For the sake of conscience,
they should pay respect to whom it is due and honour to whom honour is due.

 To help authorities maintain lawand order in schools, the following steps
must betaken into consideration:

  • Obeying all laws and regulations of the
  • Applying oneself fully to school work, studies and games including
    extra-curricula activities; 
  • Paying of fees as and when due; 
  • Being
    regular and punctual at all times; 
  • Avoiding cult activities; 
  • Avoiding
    all forms of cheating, examination malpractices and steaiing/pilferings; 
  • Being neat and tidy {in body and soul).

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