Functions assigned to man in the second creation story

The functions assigned to man in the second creation story are as
  1. He was to act as God’s agent in furthering the act of creation of
    various types of vegetation,
  2. He was to give names to all creations. This
    is a very important function because by knowing the name of a person or thing,
    you know his or its nature and can, therefore, exercise power over it. 
  3. He
    was to eat of alt trees and plants, but, never the tree of knowledge of good
    and evil. This order refects the dual nature of man, flesh and soul, good and
    evil. It is unfortunate that this dual nature was soon to play a negative role
    when flesh overtook soul white evil overtook good, leading to the fall of man. 
  4. By his acceptance of Eve,woman, Adam acknowledged God’s institution of
  5. Man now has a right to choose between life and death.

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