Give an account of the capture of Jericho

God gave Joshua a master plan for the capture of Jericho
which was strictly adhered to by him. The assault started with a procession led
by armed men of war, followed by seven priests with seven trumpets, while
another group of priests formed the rear guard bearing the ark of the Lord, and
simultaneously the trumpets blew continually as the procession marched around
the city of Jericho once a day for six days. After each march, they came into
the camp and spent the night there. There, they were warned not to shout until
Joshua gave them the order to shout. On the seventh day, they rose early and marched
around the city in the same manner seven times. At the seventh time, when the
priest had blown the trumpet, Joshua commanded the people to shout, adding that
the Lord had given them the city. Immediately^ the people shouted and the
trumpets were blown. As soon as the people heard the trumpet, they raised a
great shout and the wall fell down flat. The people went straight into the city
and took it. Joshua then instructed the people to destroy the city with fire
and this was done. But Rahab, the harlot who spared the two spies, together
with her household, were not destroyed. Also precious stones like gold silver
and the vessels of bronze were kept in the Lord’s treasury: 

Lessons for
Christians to Learn 

  • The Omnipotence / power of God was demonstrated /with
    God everything is possible, nothing is beyond God’s power, 
  • God is ready to
    fight for His people, if we trust in Him at all time: The emphasis is on trust, 
  • Joshua is presented as a man of Faith in God. He did not doubt God. 
  • Obedience: Joshua obeyed God’s command. This led to his success, 
  • God uses
    people no matter their conditions (e.g. Rahab, the harlot)

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