Give an account of how Philip preached the Gospel message to the Ethopian Eunuch

After Philip had completed his work in Samaria, the angel of
the Lord directed him towards Gaza. There, he met an, Ethiopian Eunuch
returning home after worshipping in Jerusalem. The spirit of God directed
Philip to join the .^ his chariot and Philip heard the Eunuch reading
from Isaiah. He asked him whether he understood the passage but the, Eunuch
answered that he could not, except somebody put him through. He, therefore,
invited Philip into his chariot. The passage was about the sheep being led to
the slaughter. He asked Philip whom the prophet was referring to; himself or to
somebody else. Philip started from this passage and developed it to preach the
good news of Jesus to him. When : they came to a body of water, the
Eunuch asked him what could prevent his baptism. They went down into the water
and Philip baptized him. Thereafter, the spirit of the Lord caught up Philip
and the Eunuch saw him no more. He went on his ^ way rejoicing. 

Philip’s preaching of the Gospel message to the Ethiopian
Eunuch is significant in many ways:

  • He took the Gospel beyond Jerusalem and
    Judea, through Samaria and into Gentile territory and beyond, 
  • The
    Holy Spirit , received on the Day of Pentecost was active in the Church;
    Philip’s activities bore eloquent testimony to this, 
  • The Ethiopian
    Eunuch, as the first African convert to Christianity, probably initiated
    further evangelization into Africa, 
  • It shows the need for divine
    inspiration in understanding and interpreting the scripture,
  • Preachers and
    ministers of God should help in
    interpreting the word, 
  • All Christians are obliged to evangelize.

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