Give an account of Joseph's first encounter with Pharao, stating the qualities that earned him Pharao's favour

  •  Pharaoh had two disturbing
    dreams; none of his magicians/wise men was able to interprete them.
  •  His
    chief butler recalled his days in prison when Joseph correctly interpreted his
  • Pharaoh sent for Joseph and narrated his dreams. 
  • Pharaoh stood
    by River Nile and seven fat and thin cows came to feed. 
  • But the seven thin
    ones ate up the seven fat ones. 
  • He also dreamt about the following – seven
    ears, good and full and seven withered,
    thin ones, 
  • The withered, thin ones swallowed up the seven good ears. 
  • Joseph told him the two dreams were the same, signifying seven years of plenty
    and seven years of fsmine. 
  • Pharaoh should, therefore, select a prudent man
    to take charge of food storage in Eqypt. 
  • There should be overseers
    to collect a fifth of all harvests during seven years of plenty. 
  • Food
    so gathered to be stored in reserve for the lean years. 
  • Pharaoh, delighted
    by Joseph’s suggestion wondered whether a more discreet person than Joseph
    could be found anywhere. 
  • Therefore, he appointed Joseph to take full
    charge over all Eqypt. 
  • He gave royal assent to the appointment by publicly
    putting his symbol of authority on him. 
  • He made him his second – in
    – command and gave him his daughter in marriage,   


Two qualities of

  1. Anointing/wisdom, with which he correctly interpreted dreams
    and gave adequate solutions for tackling delicate situation. 
  2. Acknowledgement of God’s control over human affairs, 
  3. Forthrightness/boldness
    in interpreting the dreams to Pharaoh, 
  4. Display of humility, 
  5. Patience/perseverance.

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