Give an account of Joshua's farewell address

Jos. 24: 1 28:  

  • Joshua
    gathered all Israel to Shechem and told the people their history from Abraham
    to Moses, 
  • He emphasized God’s abiding faith with Israel making them owners
    of the land of the Amorites. 
  • He reminded them of the saving acts of God
    in their history, 
  • With all these favours, they must serve God and put away
    all foreign gods, 
  • Alternatively, they should decide on whom to serve, 
  • Joshua told the people that as for him and his family, they would serve the
  • The Israelites also said they would put away other gods serve the
  • Who had been faithful to them, 
  • Joshua reminded them that God
    is Holy and jealous,
  • He will not forgive their sins/unfaithfulness should
    they forsake God they would be punished, (xi) He told them not to break their
  • They must put away all false gods and serve God with sincerity, 
  • Joshua wrote down the laws of God, put a stone to witness, should they
    deal falsely with God.

leadership qualities:  

  1. He had faith in
  2. His ways of life as a role model for his people, 
  3. His ability to
    convince and advise the people to accept his views, 
  4. His courage to call
    the people together, 
  5. He was a good political leader.

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