Give an account of the work of Philip in Samaria

Mass persecution started
in Jerusalem after Stephen’s death. The Church became panicky and fled from
Jerusalem toother places (Judea, Samaria, etc). Wherever they went, they
preached and converted many tolhe faith. Philip, one of the seven deacons fled
to Samaria and proclaimed the Gospel message in Samaria. When the people of
Samaria heard and saw the miracles he performed, many were converted. He cast
out demons from those possessed and healed those who were paralysed. Philip
encountered a magician called Simon who had deceived many people who thought he
had the power of God. Simon too was converted and was baptised. The good work
of Philip in Samaria reached the apostles in Jerusalem. Peter and John were
impressed and they prayed and laid their hands on the new converts to receive
the Holy Spirit.

Simon attempted to bribe Peter to give him the power to impart the
Holy Spirit to others, but, Peter rebuked him saying, “your silver perish
with you …”. Simon became frightened after the words of Peter and asked
Peter to pray for him.

The activity of the Holy Spirit was manifested in Samaria in
the following ways: 

  • Healing of the sick; 
  • Casting out of demons; 
  • Working of miracles; 
  • Exposure of Simon’s selfishness/condemnation of
  • Conversion of unbelievers; 
  • Pressure of the Holy Spirit to
    empower the disciples/the church.

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