Highlight the covenant promises God made to Abraham

The covenant
promises God made to Abraham are: 

  1. The Lord appeared to Abraham at the age
    of ninety-nine years, 
  2. He told him to walk before Him and be blameless, 
  3. He promised to multiply Abraham exceedingly, Abraham fell on his face in
    reverence to God. 
  4. He promised to make him a father of a multitude of
  5. He changed his name from Abram to Abraham
  6. God promised to
    make him fruitful, 
  7. Nations and kings would come out of him. 
  8. The
    covenant was between God and Abraham but to be extended to Abraham’s descendants, 
  9. God promised to be God to him and his descendants after him. 
  10. The land
    of Canaan would be for Abraham and his descendants, 
  11. He was told to
    circumcise himself and every male among his people at the age of eight days as
    a sign of the covenant, 
  12. God changed his wife’s name from Sarai to Sarah, 
  13. He promised to give him a son. 
  14. He also promised to establish His
    covenant with Isaac, the promised child.

  • Christians must have faith/trust in God. 
  • God’s instructions/words must be obeyed, 
  • God is faithful in dealing
    with His people, 
  • Spirit of patience/long-suffering is necessary in the
    life of a Christian, 
  • Circumcision of the heart (purity of the heart) is
    necessary to obtain God’s blessings, 
  • Need to acknowledge God’s blessings, 
  • Names indicate personality.

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