Highlight James message on effective prayer

James emphasized the role of faith in producing effective prayer. He taught
believers not to doubt when they pray. He compared any one that doubts with a
wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. According to him, a
double-minded person, unstable in all his ways, will not receive anything from
God through prayer. James confirmed that God answers prayers generously and
will grant wisdom to anyone who asks for it in prayer. He taught that prayer
can remove suffering and sickness of sin. James advised that elders of the
Church should be called upon to pray over the sick and anoint them with oil in
the name of the Lord or the prayer of faith will save the sickman. Believers
should confess their sins to one another and pray for one anther in order to
attract God’s healing and forgiveness of sin. James advised people who are
cheerful to sing praises to God i.e. worship God in prayer. The prayer of a
righteous man has great power in its effects / clean heart, clean soul. He
illustrated with the prayer of Elijah who prayed fervently that it might not
rain; and for 31/2 years, it did not rain. He prayed again and the
heavens gave rain,  

Hindrances to effective prayer, 

  1.  Our
    prayers will not be answered if they are not according to the will of God. 
  2. Prayers said thoughtlessly may not be answered, 
  3. If we pray
    without faith, our prayers may not be answered, 
  4. The presence of sin
    in our lives can lead to unanswered prayers / non-confession of sins, 
  5. We
    should not serve two Gods – God and mammon, 
  6. Prayers from
    unforgiving hearts are usually not answered, 
  7. Lack of perseverance.
    We should persevere in prayers until the answer comes. (Importunity in prayer).

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