Highlight Peter's advice to christians living among non-christians

1 Peter2:9-25

  • Peter advised that Christians should abstain
    from the passion of the flesh. 
  • Maintain good conduct among the Gentiles, 
  • if they speak against them as wrong doers, they may see your good deeds
    and glorify God. 
  • They should be subject to evey human institution i.e. to
    the Emperor or to Governors who have power to punish or praise, 
  • By doing
    right, they would silence the ignorance of foolish-men, 
  • They should live
    as free men but do not use their freedom as pretext for evil, 
  • They should live as servants of God. 
  • Honour all men 
  • Love the
  • Fear God. 
  • Honour the Emperor.

Three ways to promote good relationship: 

  1. Participation in community development projects with non Christians, 
  2. Contribution towards the needs of non-Christians, 
  3. Participation in social
    activities with non-Christians, 
  4. Accommodation of programmes and activities
    of non-Christians,
  5. Acceptance of non-Christians in Christian institution
    e.g. schools, 
  6. Attendance at programmes of non-Christians, 
  7. Educative
    interaction about other religions, 
  8. Religious tolerance, 
  9. Being well
    informed about the other religions, 
  10. Showing good examples/Being role

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