Highlight the relationship between faith and works according to the teaching of James

  • James outlined the fact that a person gains no profit by merely
    claiming to have faith but not works, 
  • Genuine faith is evidenced by works.
    He called on Christians to be doers of the word and not deceive themselves as
    men of faith, by not doing what they professed, 
  • Thus faith without works
    is dead. 
  • Faith is expressed in practical works like charity/caring
    for the sick, widows, 
  • Faith and works are inseparable for, you cannot show
    me your faith with, 
  • A person is justified by works and not by faith alone
    For works is the finality of it 
  • James taught that people who have belief
    in God without expressing it in actions justify their faith are not different
    from the devil,, 
  • For the devil also believes in God but does not do
    God’s work 
  • James argued that if Christians are mere hearers, they are like
    a man who observe his face in a mirror, hut as soon as he goes away, forgets
    what his face looks like. 
  • For somebody to be truly religious he must briddle
    his tongue, or else his religion is in vain! he is deceiving himself, 
  • James
    argues further that Abraham was justified by works when he was ready to offer
    his son Isaac. Thus he justified his faith by works, 
  • Again, Rahab the
    harlot was also justified by her works when she protected the spies sent by
    Joshua. She had faith in God and matched it by saving the spies, 
  • These
    two people expressed their faiths by their deeds, 
  • Faith and works .are
    essential to each other just as the body arid the spirit, 
  • Thus, just
    as the body apart from the spirit is dead, faith apart from works is dead.


  • Respecting themselves service to the society/country/charity, 
  • Loving one another / being hospitable, 
  • Being law abiding, 
  • Performing one’s civic responsibilities and religious obligations, 
  • Avoiding
    pride/arrogance and violence etc. 
  • Being patient, submissive, polite,
    honest/practising Christian virtues, 
  • Ensuring good governance 
  • Taking part in church activities.

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