How did David react to the assassination of Abner?

David reactions to
the assassination of Abner: 

  • Abner (the son of Ner) was sent to David at
  • He was to tell him that all Israel and Benjamin had agreed to make
    him king over the united Israel, 
  • At the gate, Joab took Abner aside and
    killed him. (iv) This was to avenge for the blood of Asahel, his brother,
  • When David heard it he said, “he and his kingdom are guiltless before the
    Lord for the blood of Abner”. 
  • He remarked that the blood of Abner
    fall upon the head of Joab and all his father’s house, 
  • David ordered Joab
    and his people to rent their clothes, gird on sack-cloth and mourn for Abner. 
  • And king David followed the bier to the grave of Abner questioning
    whether Abner should die as a fool dies, 
  • David expressed surprise that
    Abner’s hands were not bound nor the feet fettered 
  • David mourned for him,
    refusing to eat. 
  • All the people came to persuade David to eat bread while
    it was yet day. 
  • But David vowed not to eat until sunset, 
  • All the
    people took notice of it and were pleased. 
  • All Israel understood that day,
    that it had not been the kings will to slay Abner, the son of Ner. 
  • The
    king declared that a prince and a great man had fallen in Israel,
  • Though
    he was now the announced king over Israel, Abner’s death destabilized him.

  1. Abner had the spirit of reconciliation to be
  2. Joab’s treachery should be condemned because he acted contrary
    to God’s commandment, 
  3. David’s humility, 
  4. David’s open-mindedness. 
  5. David’s sense of justice, 
  6. David’s fear of God.
  7. Need to
    appreciate/acknowledge people’s worth, 
  8. Need to forgive enemies.

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