How did Jesus explain to Martha and Thomas separately, that he is the ressurrection and the life?

Before Jesus arrived Bethany, Lazarus had been buried for four
days. Martha heard of Jesus’ arrival and went to meet him. She told Jesus that if
he (Jesus) had been around, his brother would not have died. She said that whatever Jesus asked of God, God would do if for him. Jesus replied that his brother
(Lazarus) would rise again. Martha said she knew that her brother would
resurrect in the last days. It was at this point that Jesus said. “I am
the resurrection and the life”. He said that whoever believes in him,
though he dies, yet shall live and whoever lives and believes in him shall
never die.
In another encounter, Jesus said to Thomas that in his father’s
house, there are many rooms and that if this were not so, he would not have said
that he was going to prepare a place for them. After this, Jesus said that he
would come again and take them to himself. He then said that they knew
where he was going, but, Thomas replied that they did not, how then could
they know the way. Jesus replied, “i am the way and the truth, and the
life; no one comes to the father, but by

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