How did John describe Jesus as the lamb of God and in what ways is this description significant to christians?

John was baptising at the river Jordan when Jesus came to him.
John identified Jesus as the Lamb of God who was to take away the sins of the
world. John confessed that Jesus was greater than him for he (Jesus) had
existed before him.

At first, John did not know Jesus, but he came baptising with
water that Jesus might be revealed. The spirit of the Lord had told John that
he would identify Jesus as the man on whom the spirit would descend. At the
baptism of Jesus, the spirit descended as a dove from heaven and rested on him.
John bore witness that Jesus is the son of God.
The significance of Jesus’ baptism to Christians include: 
  • As
    the Lamb of God, his crucifixion takes away man’s sin by faith. 
  • Having
    accepted this, we must turn away from our sins, 
  • We have to bear
    testimony, that is, spread this happy news to others who have not known him. 
  • Jesus is the final sacrifice.

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