How did paul reconcile Onesimus and Philemon, what can we learn about forgiveness from this letter

Onesimus was a slave to Philemon but proved useless as against the meaning of his name which is “profitable one”.
Philemon was a Colossian Christian who was converted by Paul. Onesimus had escaped with Philemon’s property to Rome where he met Paul – a prisoner of Christ. Paul converted Onesimus and pleaded with Philemon in writing, to accept him back. Paul, in the letter told Philemon how useful Onesimus had been to him. He had a great belief in Philemon that he would forgive Onesimus.

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Lessons which can be drawn from Paul’s letter to Philemon include:
1. Act act of forgiveness should go beyond the mere action of forgiving but should include rehabilitation and reconciliation.
2. It teaches the lesson of justification by faith in which man who stands condemned before God because of sin, is automatically forgiven and acquitted of his  sins through the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ.
3. As Christians, we should intercede for others as Paul did for Onesimus.

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