How does John present Jesus as the door and the good shepherd?

In John’s gospel, Jesus
describes himself as the door and the good shepherd. He says the shepherd must
pass through the door whenever he wants to feed his sheep or take them out for
grazing. He says that the sheep recognize their owner and the owner of the
sheep calls them by name and they recognize his voice.
The sheep would run away from the hired man for they do not know
him. The thief would come through the window. For he is not the owner. The
sheep would run away from him.
Jesus expects all good shepherd to enter through the door and not
to jump in through the window., whoever does that is a thief. The sheep would
not follow the person whom they do not known. They would run away from such a
Jesus equally says that He is the door to the sheep. All those who
came before Him are thieves, the sheep did not listen to them nor follow them.
He goes on further to say that He is the door, if anybody enters by Him he will
be saved. The thief comes to steal. Jesus comes to give abundantjife so that
they may have it abundantly.
This teaching relates to leadership role among
Christians in the following ways
  1. The teaching illustrates the fact that
    leadership involves taking risks to help those being led. 
  2. Jesus as
    the lamb, makes a great sacrifice for the sake of others. So Christian leaders
    should be ready to help others without counting the cost.

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