How Jesus answered the question of neighbour and the ways christians ensure good neighbourliness in their country

Luke 10:25 37  
  • In
    response to the question posed by a lawyer, “teacher, what must I do to
    inherit eternal life?” 
  • Jesus said a man was traveling from Jerusalem
    to Jericho and was attacked by robbers, 
  • They stripped him, beat him and
    left him and left half-dead, 
  • A priest passed by, saw the wounded man but
    did not help him.
  • A Levite was also passing by, saw the wounded man and left him. 
  • A certain
    Samaritan who was on his journey saw the wounded man and had compassion on him. 
  • He went to him and bound his wounds, 
  • He put oil and wine into his
    wounds and placed him on his horse and carried him to an inn. 
  • Immediately,
    he made advance payment, 
  • He promised to pay any additional bill when he
  • The man took proper care of the wounded man. 
  • After the
    story, Jesus asked the lawyer which of the three men was his neighbour? 
  • The lawyer responded that it was the man who showed mercy, 
  • Jesus asked
    him to do likewise.

Three ways by which Christians show good neighbourliness:  

  1. By regarding everyone a fellow human being, 
  2. By helping
    those in need, 
  3. By not discrimination against others./We should see
    ourselves as one. 
  4. By showing love to one another, 
  5. By showing good
    neighbourliness. /Bringing wrongdoing to peoples’ attention, 
  6. Forgiving
    those who offend you. 
  7. Sharing what you have with others, 
  8. Consoling
    others. / Praying for others.

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