Identify the actions taken by king Solomon which are commended as marks of his wisdom; and state his unwise decisions

At the beginning of the reign of king Solomon, God asked him to make a request from Him and he rightly asked for wisdom to rule his people
well. God added unto him riches and prosperity with the provision that should he remain loyal like his father, He would grant him long life.
Between the two harlots, he exhibited true wisdom in his judgement and he was also famous for his many proverbs and songs and for his botanical and scientific knowledge.
The hallmark of his wisdom was, however, the temple which he built for the Lord in Jerusalem. He dedicated it with singing, dancing and sacrifices
to the Lord.
During the dedication, he prayed to God with devotion, not only for his people, but also for foreigners who would pray to God of Israel whilefacing the temple in Jerusalem.
He brought the ark of the covenant from its former modest place of abode into the very presence of God in the holiest part of the temple. His commercial interests brought prosperity to his country,
Some of king Solomon’s unwise decisions are:
  • Solomon’s love of many foreign women was in total
    negation of God’s command,
  • He allowed his foreign wives to come into
    Israel with their foreign gods. Not only did he build temples for these gods, he
    worshipped them together with these wives of his.
  • Solomon’s forced labour
    (made up chiefly of slaves) and his over-taxation dissipated the economy of
  • His foreign diplomatic trading connections often cost Israel loss of territory. (For example, he lost twenty cities to Hiram, king of Tyre which he exchanged for the timber and expertise from Tyre.) Read the role of king Hiram here

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