In what way should the Thessalonian christians prepare for the second coming of christ, according to Paul

Paul wrote to the
Thessalonian Christians that the second coming of Christ shall be known by the
commandment of the Lord. The signs of the second coming shall be noticed by the
archangel calling with the sound of trumpets. Then Jesus would appear in
heaven. Those who have already died in the Lord would rise first, the living
ones would join them together to meet the Lord in the mid-air.

For this to take place, Paul told the Thessalonian Christians to
get prepared for the D- day, for it would come unexpectedly like a thief in the
night. He advised that there should be no confusion in the church concerning
the second coming of Jesus.They should not panic or be deceived by false
prophecies about it and they should not be caught unawares. As children of
moral uprightness, Christians should not allow themselves to be taken
unprepared. They should be awake, sober, watchful and bearing in mind the
faith, love and hope which are means of salvation.

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