In what ways did Israel suffered due to Eli's lack of parental responsibility?

Eli, a priest at Shiloh, had two worthless sons. They
committed acts of immorality with female worshippers at Shiloh and they also
desecrated sacrifices offered to God. The report eventually came to Eli and
prophesied doom on his family, but Eli did nothing more to stop the unholy act.
Aman of God also carne to Eli and prophesied doom on his family. And even when
God confirmed the prophecy through Samuel, Eli just said “It is the Lord,
let Him do what seems good to him.”Shocking: See What Muslims believe about Angel Gabriel

As a result of Ell’s parental irresponsibility, Israel
suffered in the following ways: 
  1. God sent the Philistines to fight Israel,
  2. Israel was defeated in the war.
  3. About three thousand Israelites died
    in the war.
  4. Hophni and Phinehas,
    the two sons of Eli, the priest, were among those killed,
  5. Those who
    survived in the battle fled,
  6. The Ark of the Lord was captured by
    the Philistines,
  7. When Eli heard that the enemy captured the Ark of
    the Lord, he fell backwards, broke his neck and died,
  8. When Eli’s
    daughter-in-law heard the bad news, she had a premature baby and she died,
  9. That baby was named “Ichabod”, meaning, “glory has departed
    from Israel”.

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The lessons that can be derived from the attitude of Eli are: 

  1.  Parents should take time to teach
    their children the word of God.
  2. There is need to pray together-the
    use of the family altar should be of paramount importance.
  3. Parents
    should inculcate in their children the spirit of fear of God in all they do.
  4. There is need to heed the warning of prophets/men of God.
  5. The
    consequences of evil relationship between men and women must be pointed out to
  6. Disobedience to the commandments of God could bring
    adverse consequences.

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