List the events of the first six days of creation in a chronological order and explain the concept of man as the image of God

  • Day one – God created light, night and day. 
  • Day two –
    God created firmament (heaven). 
  • Day three – Dry land – earth and seas,
    vegetation and trees, 
  • Day four – Sun, moon and stars for signs and
  • Day five – Living creatures (aquatic), birds, 
  • Day six – Land
    animals and Man. 

 Man was created in the image of God:

  • Man was charged with the control of every other
  • God blessed him to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, 
  • He should have dominion over the fish and animals, 
  • He was given
    authority to feed from the trees and plants, 
  • As God’s image, man has soul
    and spirit, 
  • As a free moral agent, man has the right to choose his
  • He enjoys a relationship with God. 
  • He knows what is good
    and bad. 


Implications of the sovereignty of God:  

  1. Because God is
    Sovereign and the Creator of the universe, human beings should submit to Him. 
  2. God’s sovereignty reveals man’s limitation. He should never attempt to
    take His place. 
  3. As man recognizes God’s severeignty over His creation, he
    will learn to care for His creation, 
  4. Since God is sovereign, no situation
    in man’s experience is beyond His control, 
  5. Creation is God’s idea, 
  6. He
    has purpose for each of His creatures. 
  7. Man should not worship any other
    creature apart from God. 
  8. God is the source and sustainer of life, 
  9. God is God of order/orderliness.

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