Mention the names of Hosea's three children

The names of Hosea’s three
children were
Jezreel, Not Pitied (Lo Ruhamah) and Not my People (Lo-Ammi)     
The first son was named Jezreel,
symbolizing that God was going to punish the house of Jehu for the blood of
Jezreel {and put an end to the kingdom of Israel). The second was named ‘Not
Pitied’, meaning that the Lord would no longer love or have pity on the house
of Israel because of their sins. The third child ‘Not my People’, meaning that
the people of Israel were no longer regarded as (Bod’s people, neither would
God be their God.

Names are
significant in our society, through the following ways:

The name of a child indicates the circumstances surrounding the
birth. Names point to the position / title held by parents at the time of
birth. Names point to the desire of parents -what they want their children to
be. Names are given in remembrance of the ancestors. Names determine the
position of the child in the family. In commemoration of important events in
the family / village. Names indicate ethnic / tribal / religious identity.

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