Narrate the call of Abram and his response to the call

God ordered Abram to leave his father- land to go to the country
that He would show him. Abram was promised by God that He (God) would raise his
descendants into a great nation in that land. God said that He would bless him
and curse those who curse him. All the peoples on earth will be blessed through
Abram obeyed and left, according to the commandment of God, for
Harran. He left with his wife, Lot and all their property. They headed towards
Canaan. In Canaan, he moved towards Schechem and built an altar there. He moved
further to Bethel and built another altar where he worshipped the Lord.
Four ways by which God
calls people to His service nowadays are:
Through dream.
Through vision.
Through accident.
Through prophecy.

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