Narrate the dreams of Pharaoh and state the ways in which the interpretation of this dream affects the life of Joseph and his family

Genesis 41:1 – 33:

  • Pharaoh dreamed of seven sleek and fat
    cows coming out of the Nile, 
  • He saw seven other slim and thin cows, 
  • The thin and slim cows swallowed the fat cows, 
  • He dreamed again of seven
    plump and good ears of corn growing in one stalk,
  • Another seven thin and
    blighted ears came up also, 
  • Again, the seven thin and blighted ears of
    corn ate up the good and plump ones, 
  • When he woke up, he was troubled and
  • But his magicians and wise men could not interpret the dreams, 
  • Then the chief butler remembered how Joseph had effectively interpreted
    his dreams in prison, 
  • The chief butler recommended Joseph to Pharaoh. 
  • Pharaoh narrated his dreams to Joseph, 
  • Joseph emphasized that it is only
    God who gives favourable answer and interpretation, 
  • Joseph gave good and
    acceptable interpretations to Pharaoh’s dream. 

Ways In which the dreams
affected Joseph and his people: 

  1. Joseph interpreted the dreams to the
    admiration of Pharaoh and his people, 
  2. Pharaoh made Joseph the leader of
    his, household and people, 
  3. Joseph was appointed next in rank to Pharaoh, 
  4. Joseph was honoured with a royal marriage, 
  5. He used his position to
    prepare adequately for famine, 
  6. He used his position to save his people
    during the period of famine, 
  7. He used his position to settle his family in
    Egypt during the period of famine. 
  8. The episode brought reconciliation
    between Joseph and his brothers.

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