Narrate the first annointing of Saul by Samuel

When Saul and Samuel were alone, Samuel took a vial of oil and
poured it on Saul’s head. Samuel informed him that God had anointed him prince
over his people and would save them from the hand of their enemies. To give
confidence to the newly anointed that this was from the Lord, he was given some
signs that: 
  1. two men would meet him at Rachael’s tomb with the news that the
    asses had been found and his father was now anxious about his safety, 
  2. Three
    men on their way to Bethel to worship would greet him and give him two wares, 
  3. At Gibeo, he would meet a herd of prophets and he would prophesy, 
  4. Finally, Saul was to go to Gibeo for seven days to wait for Samuel who
    would offer sacrifice there. These signs took place and when Saul prophesied,
    it attracted the comment of the people who asked “Is Saul also a
At last, back home, Saul reported his search for the asses to his
uncle but kept quiet over the matter of the anointing.

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