Narrate Jesus' encounter with the Gerasene demoniac

Mark 5:1 -20:  

  • Coming
    out of the boat at Gerasene, a demoniac came out of the tomb to meet Jesus, 
  • Nobody could bind the man even with fetters and chains, which he often broke
    into pieces, 
  • No one could also subdue or tame the man. 
  • The demoniac
    spent night and day among the tombs on mountain, bruising himself with stones, 
  • When he saw Jesus at a distance, he ran and worshipped him. 
  • With a
    loud voice, he said, ‘what have you to do with me Jesus – son of the Most High
  • The demoniac begged Jesus not to torment him. 
  • Jesus had
    earlier ordered the unclean spirit to get out of the man. 
  • Jesus asked for
    his name, 
  • The demoniac declared that he was ‘Legion’, meaning that many
    unclean spirits were controlling him. 
  • On request, the unclean spirits were
    sent into the nearby swine (numbering about two thousand), 
  • The swine
    rushed and drowned in the sea. 
  • The herdsmen were surprised and fled to
    declare what they witnessed in the city, 
  • The former demoniac was found at
    the feet of Jesus well clothed in his right mind, (this was to the people’s dismay), 
  • They began to beg Jesus to depart from their neighbourhood, 
  • As he
    was departing by boat, the man who had been cured wanted to follow Jesus, 
  • Instead, Jesus asked him to go home to his friends and tell them what
    God had done for him. 
  • This act was publicized.
Two ways the Society can improve the condition of mental
  1. Improving basic facilities in psychiatric hospital, 
  2. Training of specialist psychiatrists, 
  3. Subsidizing drugs for the patients, 
  4. Showing love and concern, 
  5. Formation of NGOs to care for them, 
  6. Building of rehabilitation centres, 
  7. Making provision for counseling

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