Narrate Jobah's message to the Ninevites and how they responded to it

For the second time, God
directed Jonah to go to Nineveh and proclaim God’s punishment for their
wickedness. He went and declared to them that they had only forty days and
Nineveh would be overthrown for their wickedness had come before God. The
people believed him and proclaimed a fast. They put on sack cloth and sent
words to the king. The king also put on sack cloth and sat in ashes. He
declared fasting for both men and beasts for the people to cry to God for
forgiveness and abandon their evil ways so as to make God repent and not bring
destruction to the people.

Lessons which can be learnt from the above are: 

  • God saw the genuineness of their repentance and forgave them,  
  • God’s providence is universal, even non Israelites who turn to Him in
    repentance would receive God’s mercy and forgiveness, 
  • It is futile
    to disobey God as it may lead to severe punishment or eternal death, 
  • Fasting
    and prayer may make God to forgive men of their sin.

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