Narrate the story in which David spared the life of Saul

The people of Ziph revealed where David was hiding to Saul. Saul then gathered three thousand men and went after David in order eliminate him. David was told of the plot and he (David) sent spies to find out how they had prepared.
David took Abishai with him and went to the army. No one saw them as they moved to where Saul was lying. David met Saul and his aides fast asleep at night. Abishai requested that he should be allowed to pin him to the ground but, David rejected Abishai’s request on the ground that Saul was God’s anointed. Instead, David ordered Abishai to take the spear and the jar of water from Saul’s head. This was done and they went away.
When they had got to a vantage position, within hearing distance, David called upon Abner, rebuking him for his laxity in taking care of Saul. David asked of the whereabouts of Saul’s spear and jar of water. Saul recognised David’s voice and David asked why Saul should come out to seek after his life without any cause. Saul felt ashamed, although full of appreciation and gratitude to David for sparing his life. Saul then vowed that he would not harm David any more and David returned Saul’s spear and his jar of water. Saul equally prayed that God would reward David for his righteousness and faithfulness.
Three lessons that can be learnt from the episode are:
(i) We can learn that it was kind of David to spare the life of God’s anointed. This showed that David respected God.
(ii) The story showed us that David’s faith in God was not shaken and that he submitted to the will of God at all times.
(iii) Saul’s repentance about his past misdeed and his resolution not to relapse into sin again must be commended.

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