Narrate the story of Daniel in which his faith was put to test

Daniel was one of the three presidents appointed by king Dairus
to govern the 120 satraps of his empire. He found favour with the king and was
to be made the administrative officer, a prestigious position which was envied
by the other presidents.

His rivals persuaded the king to sign into law an irrevocable
decree that any one, except the king, who made a petition to a god or man for a
period of thirty days would be thrown into a lion’s den.
Despite the decree, Daniel went to the upper chamber of his house,
left the windows open and prayed to his God three times daily.
He was maliciously accused and reported to the king by the
conspirators for failure to obey the decree. He was brought before the king,
tried and was ordered to be cast into the lion’s den. While Daniel was in the
lion’s den, Darius fervently prayed for his safety.
Darius ordered a stone to be laid upon the entrance of the den and
sealed it with his signet. He became downcast throughout the time Daniel
remained in the den. Early in the morning of the following day, he went to the
lion’s den and cried out to Daniel to know whether or not he had been saved by
his God. When he realised Daniel was still alive, with great joy, he ordered
him to be brought out. He commanded his false accusers and their families to be
thrown into the den of lions. He issued a decree which enjoined everybody in
his domain to worship the God of Daniel.
For a present day priest who faces opposition in his work of
evangelisation, it is advisable that the church should: 

  • embark on
    prayer and fasting for God’s spiritual support and strengthening of faith, 
  • advise him to continue to grow in faith 
  • If opposition borders
    on threat to his life, he should appeal to the authorities in the land 
  • Priests
    are to maintain personal and moral integrity.

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