Narrate the story of David's sin against Uriah

Samuel 11: 1 -27;
12: 1

  • During the war with theAmmorites, David did not go
    to war. 
  • He was strolling on the top of his roof and saw a beautiful woman
    having her bath, 
  • David inquired about her and he was told that she was
    Bath-Sheba, (daughter of Eliam). 
  • The wife of Uriah, the Hittite. 
  • David
    sent for her and slept with her. 
  • She went home and later informed David
    that she was pregnant, 
  • David invited the husband from the battlefield to
    sleep with Bath-Sheba. 
  • But Uriah refused saying that it was against
    Isralite custom to leave the battlefield when the war was in progress, 
  • As
    a result, he was sent to the hottest part in the war front. 
  • And Uriah was
  • After Bath-Sheba had mourned her late husband, David brought her
    into his house and married her. 
  • Prophet Nathan condemned the attitude of
    David through a parable, 
  • He told him about God’s punishment. 
  • David
    regretted his actions, repented and confessed his guilt, 
  • God forgave him.

Two lessons Christians can learn from this incident:  

  1. Christians should avoid adultery, 
  2. Sin attracts punishment, 
  3. Sin
    causes separation between man and God. 
  4. When Christians acknowledge their
    guilt and repent, there is always an avenue for forgiveness, 
  5. A Christian
    should not kill or covet his/her neighbour’s things, 
  6. A Christian should be
  7. Nothing is hidden from God.

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