Narrate the story of the death of the first child born to David by Uriah's wife

  • After Nathan had
    predicted the death of the child born to David by Uriah’s wife/Bath seba, the
    child was stricken with a grievous illness. 
  • David fasted/prayed fervently
    for the child’s recovery. 
  • He rejected all efforts to raise his morale/cheer
  • On the seventh day, the child died, eiders wondered how David would
    bear the sad news. 
  • He wondered why his servants were whispering among
  • David asked them if the child had died and they confirmed it. 
  • So, he changed his clothes, went into the house of the Lord and worshipped. 
  • He returned to his house and ate food. 
  • His servants asked him why he
    had changed so drastically since the child died. 
  • He fasted when the
    child was alive thinking that he would live. 
  • Now that he was dead,
    David saw no need for mourning. 
  • David said he could not bring the child
    back to life. Rather, he would eventually join him. 


  1.  God
    punishes sinners, 
  2. David’s sin was very abhorrent (murder of the
    innocent and adultery, with underlying sin of greed), 
  3. David’s greed
    earned him God’s condemnation (Nathan’s message), 
  4. Consequences
    included death of the child, 
  5. We should, however, not mourn the dead as
    people without faith, 
  6. Need for repentance for sin. 
  7. Human
    actions, good or bad, attract consequences.

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