Narrate the story of the healing of the leper and indicate the significance of the instructions given by Jesus

A leper knelt before Jesus and besought him to heal him. Jesus
stretched out his hand and touched him saying, “be clean”.
Immediately, the leper was healed; he became clean. Then Jesus warned him not
to tell anybody or spread the news, but to go to the priest and offer, for his
cleansing, what Moses commanded as a proof to the people. But he went out and
began to spread the news such that the crowd that gathered around Jesus made it
difficult for him to enter openly into the town. Jesus remained in the
countryside where people came to him from all over the place.

The significance of the instructions given to the cleansed leper
by Jesus were: 

  • Jesus wanted to keep his messiahship secret because it was
    yet too early to expose himself as, he needed some time for his teaching to
    permeate people’s hearts to enable them fully appreciate the true meaning of
    his messiahship through his death on the cross and salvation for man. 
  • Again,
    his teaching ministry was of greater importance than his healing ministry.
    Hence, if those healed were to spread the news about their healing, the crowd
    that would come for similar healings would disturb his teaching ministry, 
  • Jesus obeyed the Mosaic law, especially as it was in accordance with God’s
    law of mercy and kindness. It was also the role of priests to declare a leper
    clean, to make him acceptable in society. Jesus’ concern for the sick made him
    advise the healed leper to do everything to remove the stigma of ostracism he
    had suffered from for so long.

Some ways by which God performs miracles today include: 

  • God
    continues to perform miracles of healing through doctors, nurses, surgeons,
  • Many Christians have been healed because of their faith. This is the
    belief of many churches today, 
  • In miraculous ways, sinners have
    been converted to saints or believers with the local churches as agents of

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