Outline the features of new life in Christ as stated by Paul and identify the practices which can have a negative effect in any christian community

The features of the New Life in Christ by Paul in Coiossians
According to Paul, one’s mind
should be set on things above. People should depart from all sinful practices.
They should put on the new nature which is renewed after its Creator. They should have compassion,
kindness, meekness and patience. They should forbear one another and forgive
each other. They should put on love, which builds everything together. They
should allow the peace of Christ rule their hearts. They should be thankful
always. They should allow the word of Christ dwell richly in them. They should
teach and admonish one another in all wisdom. They are advised to sing Psalms
and hymns and spiritual songs with thankfulness. They should note that whatever
is done in word or deed should be done in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Practices which can have a negative effect in any Christian
community are: 

  •  Gossiping and backbiting. 
  • Greed and selfishness, 
  • Lack of love, 
  • Jealousy and
  • Quarrels and in fighting, 
  • Unforgiveness. 
  • Covetousness
    and stealing, 
  • Bearing false witness, 
  • Drug abuse, 
  • Child abuse, 
  • Sexual immorality. 
  • Drunkenness, 
  • Fraud and corruption
  • Social injustice.

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