Outline Jeremiah's message about the sins of Judah and state the consequences of such sinfulness

Jeremiah’s message about the sins of Judah was that 

  1.  Judah had ceased to be a faithful follower of God and a holy
  2. That the ancestors of the nation forsook the Lord, 
  3. They went after worthless gods and became worthless themselves, 
  4. They
    forgot God who had led them out of Egypt, through the wilderness and into a new
  5. When they entered the promised land, they defiled it. 
  6. They made God’s heritage an abomination, 
  7. That the Priests forgot their God. 
  8. The teachers of the law did not know God. 
  9. The rulers
    transgressed against God. 
  10. The prophets prophesied by Baal, 
  11. He
    said Judah forsook the fountain of living water, 
  12. They dug out
    cisterns for themselves which could hold no water, 
  13. They made sinful
    alliance with other nations, forsaking the Lord their God. 
  14. The
    fear of God was not found in them, 
  15. They worshipped other gods upon
    every hill under every green tree.
Consequences of such sinf ulness are that 
  1.  Israel would be destroyed
    by another nation which would eat of their harvest, 
  2. Their children would be killed,
    flocks, herds, wines and fig trees eaten and cities destroyed. 
  3. There
    would be lack of water for men and animals and there would be no grass for
  4. There would be no rain in the land/drought, 
  5. God .would
    not hear their cry or accept their burnt offerings, 
  6. They would be
    destroyed by the sword, famine and pestilence.

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