Resurrection of Jesus and role played by the women

After the Sabbath, towards
dawn on the first day of the week, Marry Magdalene and the other Mary went to
the tomb to anoint Jesus with spices. There was an earthquake, as an angel
rolled away the stone covering the tomb and sat on it. His appearance was like
lightning. For fear of him, the guards trembled and froze up like dead men.

The women were wondering who would roll away the stone for them,
but when they looked up, they saw that it had been rolled away already. When
they entered, they saw a young man in dazzling white who told them not to be
amazed -for he knew they were looking for the crucified Jesus. “He
has.risen, he is not here .seethe place where they had laid :’ him.
Go and tell Peter and the others that he had gone to Galilee ahead of them they
should go there to meet him.

They fled from the tomb with fear and joy to inform his disciples,
but, the disciples disbelieved them. On their way, Jesus met them and hailed
them. Jesus asked them not to be afraid but to go and tell his disciples to
meet him in , Galilee.                      

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