'You shall recieve power when the holy spirit has come upon you' Discuss the fulfilment of this promise and the reaction of the people

After the ascension of
Jesus, the apostles gathered together at a place in Jerusalem. As they were
praying together, the Holy Spirit came down upon them. There came a sound of
wind from heaven, filling the house where they were. The sound was followed by
tongues of fire appearing and resting on their heads. All of them were filled
with the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues as the spirit gave them
utterance. This happened on the Pentecost day. The apostles then became bold
and began to testify and proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Those who were in Jerusalem on that day for the feast of Pentecost
were surprised when they heard the apostles speaking in their various native
tongues. Some asked whether the apostles were Galileans or not as they understood
what they were saying very clearly. Some of those who heard what the apostles
were saying mocked and accused them zf drunkenness, but some devout men
among them marvelled and gave thanks to God.
The significance of the gift of the Holy Spirit to the church
  1.  brought about the events that marked the beginning of the
  2. Many people were converted and the number of the apostles
  3. It made the disciples to be bold and they acquired
    healing power. They were able to proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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