State the criticisms Isaiah made against Israel's system of worship and what suggestions did he make?

Isaiah 1 :10-20:  
Isaiah said

  • their sacrifices were meaningless, 
  • God was fed up with their
    burnt offerings of ram and beast, 
  • God was not delighted in the blqod of
    bulls and lambs, 
  • they perverted justice, 
  • their new moon and Sabbath He
  • their offering was vain, 
  • their incense was an abomination. 


 He suggested that:

  • They should wash
    and be clean by removing evil from their doing/ casting away idols, 
  • They
    should cease to do evil and learn to do good, 
  • They should seek justice,
    correct oppression, 
  • They should defend the fatherless and plead for the
  • They should come to God and confess their sins so that they can be
    as white as snow total commitment to God. 
  • If they were willing and
    obedient, they would eat the good of the land, 
  • But if they refused, they
    would be devoured.

Three ways our
country can return to God:

  1. Fighting the cause of the poor, 
  2. Having
    true repentance, 
  3. Asking forforgiveness. 
  4. Praying and fasting, 
  5. Serving God whole heartedly. 
  6. Forsaking sin and amending ways, 
  7. Punishing injustice and anti-social behaviour, 
  8. Encouraging good
    behaviour with reward.

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