State the main features of Peter's counsel to wives and husbands in their relationship

Peter devoted much of
his counsel to wives. He advised them to be submissive to their husbands, for
by their good behaviour, unbelieving husbands might be won over to God,
especially in response to the reverent and chaste nature which they exhibited.
Wives should not attach too much importance to external adornments,
characterized by much use of trinkets, gold ornaments, hair braiding and
flamboyant dressing. Instead, they should lay greater premium on moral probity
which, before God, is as precious as an imperishable jewel.

Wives should look up to Sarah as their role model. She hoped in
God and referred to her husband, in obedience, as her Lord. If, as wives, they
maintained her standard, they would rightly be her children, by faith. Turning
to the husbands, Peter advised them to live considerately with their wives in
accordance with their knowledge of God’s character and will, knowing that women
are the weaker vessel who should be treated with love and honour so that as
joint heirs of the grace of God, their prayers might not be hindered by any
ungodly action on their part.

Instability in the family is usually caused
by mutual misunderstanding or incompatibility of character between husband and
wife, and this often has far-reaching consequences. These are

  • juvenile
    delinquency among the children in the family
    : With parents always at daggers
    -drawn and no love, children’s home-training becomes defective. This adversely
    affects their behaviour, 
  • Lack of love or unity in the home: Often, this
    leads to open physical confrontation and inevitable disaster, 
  • Divorce:
    Where the love of God is compromised or non-existent, husbands and wives may
    end up in divorce. The rate of divorce is on the rise today due to extreme
    materialism and selfishness which characterise relationships today. Instability
    of the family leads to instability in the nation.

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