Summarise Peter's speech on the Pentecost day

Peter’s speech on Pentecost day (Acts 2):  
  • At Pentecost, the disciples were filled .with the Holy Spirit
    and spoke in tongue 
  • The crowd around was surprised at what they saw and
    heard while others allege that the disciples were drunk, 
  • Peter addressed
    the crowd that it was too early to get drunk, 
  • It was rather the
    fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy that in the last days God would his spirit upon
    all flesh, 
  • Then their sons and daughters would prophesy, men would have
    visions and old men dream dreams, 
  • And those who would call upon the name
    of the Lord would be saved, 
  • He said Jesus was crucified by lawless men
    according to the plan and foreknowledge of God. 
  • But God raised Christ
    from the dead, loosening Him from the pangs of death, 
  • For the scripture
    (Psalm of David) maintained that the Holy one’s soul would not be abandoned in
    Hades, nor see corruption, 
  • He said that when David died and was buried, his
    tomb was still there. 
  • Asa prophet, David spoke about the resurrection of
  • According to Peter, God raised up Jesus and exalted him at His
    right hand, 
  • Further, Jesus received from the Father the promise of the
    Holy Spirit and poured it on the disciples, 
  • Peter further declared that
    God had made Jesus both Lord and Christ, 
  • The crowd was cut to the heart,
    asking Peter, “Brethren what shall we do? 
  • Peter asked them to repent
    and be baptized in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins, 
  • And that the gift of the Holy Spirit was promised to them and later
  • Hence, they should save themselves from this crooked
  • The crowd responded favourably such that three
    thousand people were baptized. 

Changes in the life of the disciples: 

  1. The disciples spoke in tongues as an empowerment of the Holy Spirit, 
  2. They no more feared the religious leaders but became bold and
  3. They boldly talked about Jesus as the expected Messiah v,ho
    had resurrected preached freely, 
  4. They started winning/converting souls
    into Christianity, 
  5. Most of them began to prophesy, 
  6. They performed
    signs and wonders- healing, exorcising etc. 
  7. They became more humane, affable, generous
    and caring for the poor and the aged, 
  8. They lived a communal life.

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