What are the attributes of and rewards for humility as stated in the epistles

In his letter to the Philippians, Paul exhorts the Philippians to imitate Christ who, not counting his divinity, willingly condescended to take on human form in order to save us. Paul advises the followers of Christ to copy Jesus in their service to God and humanity. To St. Peter, he sees humility as the opposite of pride which leads to ultimate fall of Satan. Peter encourages children of God to put on humility as an armour of defence against the temptation of the devil.
The attributes of humility as stated in the epistle include:
1. Respect for elders and constituted authority.
2. Rendering selfless services to mankind.
3. Living a life Free from anxiety while leaving everything to God for our good.
4. Because of Jesus’ humility, God exalted him both in heaven and on earth.

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