What are the characteristics of christian life in the community, with reference to 1st Peter

According to 1st Peter, Christians should do away with all carnal desires and live a holy live. This would make them to show others good examples of a worthy life to follow. Christians should be good citizens and obey constituted authority. They should perform their civic duties to the government by paying their taxes, rates and other approved levies. They should be ready to assist in meaningful services in their communities and should endure trials and suffering for their faith as Jesus Christ did on the cross. When they are persecuted unjustly, they should not retaliate but should pray and be sober always. They should have good relationship with their fellow Christians.
The Church leaders should love their members and look after them without expecting any material gains from them. The youths and other members should obey the church leaders. All should resist the devil’s temptation at all time and in whatever forms.

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